You do not need to waste money by patronizing any agent when it comes to making your dream of studying in the United state of America for your various Masters program a reality. The truth is, most of this unqualified so called agents are out there to dupe you of your hard earned money and they know not more than you do, all they do is use the internet on your behalf and do extensive research( the once that are ready to truly work for you). why engaging the service of someone else when you can do it yourself and spend less and also be sure of your application progress ?

  The process is simple and self explanatory, all you need to do is, have good internet, make google your friend and join appropriate forums or threads that can always actively respond to your questions regarding the said topic whenever you are lost.

Here are the three major steps to take to secure your MS admission into US university till you get your VISA.

  •  Write at least one standardize test
  •  Search and apply to good schools and get admitted 
  •  Receive your i-20 and apply for interview in Lagos/Abuja embassy to collect visa 

                            WRITE AT LEAST A STANDARDIZE TEST

What is standardize test, the word is complex and more than just an exam that people write for admission purpose into US university alone, but as regards to the subject topic; a standardize test is an exam that almost, if not all universities in the US request from international student that there country's official language isn't English to prove there proficiency in English as part of admission requirements to be considered for admission, These exams are but not limited to , GRE (Graduate Record Examinations) , IELTS (International English Language Testing System) and TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language).

 These exams are simple but very technical. With adequate preparation , you will be good to go, there are thousands of materials online in any form you want it that will prepare you for these exams, all you need to do is get your hand on recent and updated materials and create a quality time to study.
With two to three weeks of preparation, you should be good to seat for either of these exams, provided( you speaks, write and understand the command of good English before) . Otherwise, you need more time to prepare before you can seat and make good band in these exams.
I will talk more and extensive on these exams in my subsequent posts , but for now , let us give just the overview of steps to take in enrolling for your MS in your dream University abroad.

                                   SEARCH AND APPLY FOR SCHOOLS

   Like I said from the beginning of this post , almost all these steps require the use of internet and google, and you will be good to go.
When it comes to applying to schools in the US, you need to engage yourself in a very concrete research, as you have many factors to consider before applying into a particular school so as not regret choosing such school at the end.

Below are some of the factors ( but not limited ) to consider before choosing which school to apply to and the one not to :

  • Your final GPA in school and GRE/TOEFL/IELTS result: This is one major factor to consider as to know whether you meet up with the particular university admission condition, If you graduated with low GPA then it means you need to search for schools that accept low GPA , even though each US university has its standard GPA and admission requirements for MS, but there consideration for admission is not limited to GPA alone, with low GPA, you can boost your consideration for admission by having good result in your standardize exam. With good GPA , good GRE/TOEFL/IELTS result , SOP , LOR , RESUME , and SOA ( statement of account ) you should be good to go.

  • Cost: Check there institution's website or chat with alumni of the school and know the estimated cost for your program per year, as you will need to show a bank financial statement of account to proof that you or your sponsor is financially buoyant before the school will release your i-20 to you( your statement of account should be equal or more than the yearly estimated cost of your program )  almost all US university provides this information on there website.

  •  Location: Check if the location in which the institution is situated is in the city or village that is not far to city, it is advisable to go to the village than the city as this will cut many personal expenses for you e.g:

 Housing. Staying off campus is cheaper than on campus and with your school in village , it means reduction in your housing expenses.
Groceries, groceries are cheaper in the village than the city. we will talk more on these in the coming post.

  • If top ranked school: You can imagine the competition in top ranked schools , there will definitely be thousands of applicants to top ranked than middle ranked schools, so by knowing this, you might want to review your application packet over and over again.


  Now that you have researched very well on schools and ready to apply to a particular one, apply and pay the application fee, mostly between $20 to $100.
   Fill your application form and study it carefully before final submission , make the admission coordinator your friend by communicating with him or her through the appropriate channel to clarify any part that is not clear to you or to verify if a particular document you send has reach the admission office.
Supply all the required documents ( SOP, SOR, SOA, LOR and Resume) on time and keep track of your admission status.

Note: It is advisable to apply to more than one school.

                                                     GET YOUR I-20

    What is Form i-20 ? 

I-20 is a form that is associated with F-1 visa ( Students and Exchange Visitors). As an international student, the university will send an admission letter, along with an I-20 form to you. This form contains information about the school (address, university code), course and the department details, the number of years it takes to complete the program, fees details per year along with living expenditure , and most important of all, your SEVIS number.

Now that you have your I-20 , book an appointment with either Lagos or Abuja embassy, go with all your supplied credentials for admission along with your international passport and attend your visa interview to get your visa stamped

For all the abbreviation used on this post that is not clear to you, kindly keep checking this website as I will be talking extensively on them one after the other in my coming post. Example: SEVIS , LOR , SOP , RESUME and SOA .

Kindly leave a comment if you find this post useful or need a guidance or clarification on the above topic and we will be glad to receive and attend to them. thanks

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